Essential wear at the poker table

Different players have different ideas and motivations for what to wear at the poker table.  Some insist on dressing for confidence, some for comfort and others have a specific image that they want to project.

For me my choice of wear at the table intersects between all three of these areas.  I am a middle aged male and I am happy to appear as such so I’m not attempting to style myself as a young man anymore.  My look should tell you that I have been around for a while, traveled some, seen a lot and understand the game that we’re playing.

A collared shirt and dress pants make me feel most confident however this significantly reduces my comfort level.  When I’m at a table for 5, 6 or 12 hours I just can’t stand this type of wear.  I’ll generally opt for straight leg jeans, dress shoes and a neat t-shirt.  My wrist is usually adorned with a nice watch or a conservatively styled bracelet (no “bling” for me).  In this outfit I can sit for as many hours in complete comfort and not draw more attention to myself than I desire.  I will also have a hooded top at the ready which I usually don’t require but some poker rooms are inexplicably hot or cold so I think it’s best to be prepared.

My advice is to find a few pieces that feel the best on you at the table and rotate through them at your games, try out different styles and you’ll find your personal niche.

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